Welcome to AXEview, a truly quicker, more natural way to learn.

A revolutionary new way to look at your AXE. And you are correct, you haven't seen it this way before. Think about how you look at your guitar when you're playing. Most times you're looking at the side of your neck. The idea is get going as fast as possible, and have fun playing. It doesn't matter if you're just starting, or have been playing for a while, this system can help you visualize your playing and music in a new and different way. We're starting off with a 4 string bass in our first releases, but there is more in our future.

So what exactly makes AXEview so unique?

First and foremost of course you will notice the unique camera angle. It's made to emulate what you see when you're playing your own guitar. We've found the traditional teaching techniques of watching a mirror image of your instructor, is very tough when starting out. It really does take a long time to get your brain around to thinking that way. We had to design and create our own camera brackets and stands, also the guitar is clamped in place to prevent the usual motion while playing.


Second is the pattern concept, unlike many instruments, stringed instrument players tend to think in patterns. In the bass world you can really play close to 99% of all music utilizing 2 scales/patterns. I'm sure you've heard of them before, Major Scales, and Minor Scales. I know this will come as suprise to lots of people, but it's true. And with a very slight adjustment to these 2 scales, you can play along with any chord any musician could tell you to play. By the way it doesn't matter what kind of music you like or want to play, we make no judgements, and our techniques will help in all styles of music. The pattern concept is a great framework to build up your own ideas and playing style. Once you have the 2 scales down cold, then you can get to the really fun stuff!

MajorMajEsmallpicMajorMajAsmallpic                                 MinorMinEsmallpicMinorMinAsmallpic


Here's a video that will illustrate a little better how the pattern works.


Third is a concept that works well with the pattern concept, it's called Stretched up the neck scales. This allows us to take our 2 patterns and move them up and down the neck at will, meaning you can play in any key and the pattern stays the same, every time. This is very unlike the piano, which requires you to learn a different pattern for each scale in each of the 12 keys! What were they thinking? That's great if you have many years to learn. Here we move much faster than that, and again in only 2 different patterns!


Why are you doing this for Free?

Well why not? Sharing knowledge in a quicker more natural way, benefits everyone.
It makes it more fun and you will see quick results. After all money isn't everything right?
This is music, it's supposed to be free and fun!

What are the future plans for AXEview?

In our creative pipeline right now are some other exercises and important patterns that use what you've already learned with us. Mostly how to work around those scales and make some interesting music. We will do some work with your right hand and rhythm of course. Also on tap (pun intended) some lessons on tapping your bass or touchstyle instrument. We'll be doing the same videos in 5 string bass, and even regular 6 string Guitar. Perhaps even some drums or keyboard alternative instruments like the Harmonic Table, but we're getting way ahead of ourselves. Eventually we may put this content for sale on DVD and Blueray disk, since it was all shot in HD. But for now enjoy it online for free!

How does the system work?

First we start with a very important thing, tuning. Nobody will want to play with you if you can't tune your instrument. And it makes it tough on your own ears too. You can just go to the tuning page and play along and tune yourself up. But I'd also suggest spending a couple bucks on a tuner or a least a pitch pipe at your local music store, or favorite online retailer. Your ears, family, and friends will thank you for it.

That's all for now, thanks for joining the AXEview revolution!

STEP ONE TUNING <click there